• Fully supervise the real estate development phase.
  • The development phase is a complicated process that requires years of building a foundation, work and expertise. We assign experts who run the short and long-term development phase, which is affected by the constantly evolving labor market, and we change financing measures, government policies, the regulatory entities and the ever-evolving design requirements.
  • Assist the owners in the pre-construction and incorporation phase, including the improvement of the construction contract.
  • Participate in important project meetings and assist the owner in solving any problems that may arise in construction. Calculate all project costs and facilitate the process of financing projects.
  • Participate in important construction meetings, assist the owner in resolving any construction problems that may arise, calculate all project costs, facilitating the process of borrowing from funding bodies.

Study and Analysis

Assess and evaluate the implementation of the project, which ensures supporting the analysis of the needs and requirements of initial design, capital, operation budget, financing applications, negotiations and approvals for divisions and development.

Marketing and Operation

  • Provide real estate investors, who aspire to increase their asset sales and savings, with innovative solutions.
  • Benefit and positively influence the diverse network of major investors, financiers, institutions and companies that support real estate investors and owners to sell their properties in Saudi Arabia.

Project Management

  • Assist the owner in managing existing property, initial transfers, clarifying defects and errors in the property, and finalizing the estimation of the main cost for the project.
  • Assist the owner with employment requirements or incorporate them into the existing property contract.

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